At Royal IHC, we recognise that today’s complex projects demand optimum custom-built solutions. Using our vast knowledge and broad expertise, and collaborating with our customers and third parties, we can not only meet this demand, but also turn our customers’ initial ideas into a reality.

From the basic design concept, to detailed engineering, production, commissioning, exploitation and services, we successfully integrate products, systems and components in the search for innovative solutions at every stage.

We can combine our capabilities in design, systems, hydraulics, power and automation, naval architecture, marine operations, soil mechanics, financial solutions and maintenance to meet the requirements of any project.

As a result, our custom-built equipment and tools are perfectly designed to complete the task and ideally suited to challenging working conditions. Delivered on time, and built to high quality standards, they offer exceptional performance, reliability and availability, and ensure a high level of profitability for our customers.

Our Solutions