IHC Beagle® trailing suction hopper dredger

Standard TSHD series

The IHC Beagle® series combines the performance, ease of operation and reliability of a thoroughbred IHC product with our unique ability to provide support with crew training and a range of services. Therefore, the IHC Beagle® is a perfect combination of performance and assistance.
  • Short delivery time
  • Modular design 
  • Cost efficient
  • High efficiency and maximum uptime
  • IHC assistance and support services

Features and benefits

  • Modern IHC hull design with bulbous bow resulting in a low resistance.
  • Compact vessel with high deadweight carrying capacity.
  • IHC high-efficiency dredge pump.
  • Easy operation with the Intuitive Hopper Control Chair (IHCC).
  • Training included (classroom, simulator and on the job).
  • IHC Planned Maintenance System (IPMS).
  • Spare parts availability.

The modular design of the IHC Beagle® allows for the addition of optional packages, which adds a layer of customisation for your specific needs. By adding these options (as a new build or at a later stage) the vessel’s functionality can be further enhanced.

Available range

IHC Beagle®  IHC Beagle® 2  IHC Beagle® 4  IHC Beagle® 8
Hopper capacity (m3)  2,000  4,000  8,000
Deadweight (tonnes)  2,680  6,180  12,250
Max. dredging depth (m)  15-23  15-25  16-26
Suction tube diameter (mm)  600  800  2 x 800

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