Pipeline plough

Royal IHC designs and constructs some of the most advanced and capable pipeline ploughs in the world

Our range of pipeline and backfill ploughs facilitate the burial of pipelines in a variety of seabed conditions. IHC ploughs have been deployed on a number of signature projects, such as the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

  • Largest pipe plough in the world
  • Capable of being towed at up to 400t
  • Multi-pass ploughing to 2.5m trench depth
  • Operation in up to 1,000m water depth
  • Complete pipeline upheaval buckling protection when used with the BPL3

Suitable for a wide range of applications

As a pipelaying specialist, we know how to handle product – both on deck and in subsea conditions. In addition, our expertise in dredging and soil mechanics enables us to develop a solution for any pipeline burial requirement.

IHC designed and delivered the first Sea Titan pipeline plough in 2002. Our track record in seabed intervention enables us to successfully upgrade and modify previously designed ploughs, as well as design and manufacture some of the world’s leading systems.

Proven technology

IHC’s PL3 plough and BPL3 backfill plough systems represent the largest of their kind in the world. These systems can bury and backfill product to a depth of 2.5m in water depths of up to 1,000m. Designed to handle up to 60 inch diameter pipelines, the ploughs are used across the globe for the burial of trunk lines.

The PL3 and BPL3 systems have been used by Saipem with great success in recent years, and their excellent operational performance is a testament to IHC’s capability to deliver highly productive ploughing equipment.

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