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Learn more about our reliable dredging vessels and equipment in order to serve all your dredging needs.

Proven technology

With knowledge built up over centuries, our proven technology, high-quality solutions and reliable services provide a competitive edge by making your dredging operations more efficient and sustainable. In order to serve all your dredging needs our products range from hydraulic dredges (from 12 inches) and mechanical dredges, to the world’s largest custom-built self-propelled dredges and their equipment.

Reliable dredging vessels and equipment

Deeply committed to improve all our designs with the latest developments, in-house knowledge and feedback from our customers. Making sure your next dredge benefits from our innovations, without compromising on reliability.

Slurry pump Royal IHC

How slurry pumps are becoming increasingly efficient

The performance of any dredge is highly dependent on the efficiency of the slurry pump. For many years we’ve been researching how these can work more efficiently. Our findings have led to the development of a new generation of dredge pumps.  

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Spartacus - world's most powerful cutter suction dredger

Creating a new standard together

Royal IHC has built more than 80 dredges for DEME, one of the leading dredging contractors worldwide, since 1964. To support DEME’s ambitions, we created together a new standard for the dredging industry by designing and building the SPARTACUS, the largest and most powerful cutter suction dredge in the world. 

Read more about world's largest cutter suction dredge

General dredging course

Sharing our knowledge

The IHC Training Institute provides a full range of high quality courses in the field of dredging. Tailored to your equipment and requirements we provide online, local and on-the-job training for operators, technician and project engineers.

Learn more about our full range of high quality courses

Dennis Hamminga - General Manager USA

In need of reliable dredges with proven technology? Look no further!

Dennis Hamminga - General Manager Royal IHC USA

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