IHC Beaver® cutter suction dredgers (CSD)

Standard CSD delivered from stock

The IHC Beaver® is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance, resulting in the best value for money. We are the market leader, with over 800 of these cutter suction dredgers supplied worldwide.
  • Lowest cost per m3
  • Available from stock
  • Lifetime support
  • Maximum uptime

Main features

IHC Beaver® CSDs are reliable, fuel efficient, have low maintenance costs and are extremely productive at all dredging depths. They are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offer the following features:

  • dismountable and transportable over land
  • allows for single-handed operations
  • easily customisable with a wide range of optional equipment 
  • low emissions and environmentally-friendly operation.

The design of our CSDs is continuously improved using the latest technological developments and feedback from customers.

Available CSDs in the IHC Beaver® series

IHC Beaver® IHC Beaver®  30 IHC Beaver®  40 IHC Beaver®  45 IHC Beaver® 50 IHC Beaver®  B65 DDSP
Total power (kW) 294 483 746 1350 2819
Cutter power (kW) 30 52 110 170 700 (max)
Dredging depth (m) 6 8 10 14 18
Pipe diameter (mm) 310 390 450 500 650
Matching work boat DMC 1050 DMC 1050 DMC 1050 DMC 1050*/1200 DMC 1450

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