TSHD Dredge line components

Effective performance and optimum lifespan

An important part of the dredging process is the transportation of soil through the pipeline, the regulation of the mixture by valves, and the discharge to – and in – the floating discharge lines.

  • Best wear-resistant materials for every soil type
  • Customised configurations for all working conditions
  • Gate valve parts available from stock 
  • Easy purchasing of spare parts via IHC Service Portal
  • Extensive in-house knowledge of materials and wear types

Product range

Gate valves – fifteen years of backward compatibility, reliable operation and easy maintenance. Improve wear resistance with durable rubber combi ring for medium wear, MaxTop® liner for high wear, MaXidur®-5 liner for extreme wear.

On board pipelines – entire pipe system with low and even wear resulting in minimum downtime. Available in the wear-resistant materials Wearmet® (low to average wear), MaxFedur (medium wear), MaxTop® (high wear) and MaXidur®-5 (high to extreme wear).

On board rubber hoses – selected according to the soil type being processed: Integra (low to average wear), armoured (medium wear), BoneCrusher® (medium to high wear) and bucket (extreme wear). Standard sizes for the Beaver® series are available in the IHC Service Portal.

Floating discharge lines – tailored to the operational conditions and can combine floating dredge hoses, floating pipelines and ball joints, and pressure hoses. Different types of floaters are available to ensure a highly efficient discharge process.

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