Shipbuilding engineering

IHC’s Shipbuilding cluster offers a sea of opportunity – explore the possibilities!

Join an expanding team of more than 250 skilled engineers and take control of your future. You will be involved in the creation of unique vessels for markets that are unlike any other. Want to open a vibrant and diverse chapter in your engineering career? Then read on.


“The design really comes to life on the slipway.”

Be the practical engineer who makes things happen.

“Speaking the language of both production and engineering is key.”

Be the essential link.

“Our vessels are very complex products, with innovative equipment on board.”

Be our next engineering pioneer.

“There are plenty of opportunities within the IHC organisation.”

Be in control of your engineering career..



These vessels are one of a kind. You will bring your creative flair to a team fashioning a fully customised, unique ship, from nothing. These are concepts that have never been seen before. For example, your future engineering colleagues are already working on the world’s largest cutter suction dredger powered by LNG.

Product line vessels

Our range of Beaver cutter suction dredgers, Easydredge and Beagle trailing suction hopper dredgers  may be part of product lines but there is nothing standard about how they are optimised. Your innovative and critical mind will be wondering how to enhance efficiency, lower costs and increase speed. Can other details be improved to maintain our competitive edge? You will quickly become an expert on the whole vessel and IHC’s product portfolio.

Discover our markets


You will bring the next generation of integrated dredging vessels and equipment to life in this dynamic market. Why is this important? Without dredging, ground-breaking projects such as the construction of the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal and Palm Island would never have taken place. #cutter suction dredgers #hopper suction dredgers


The sustainable sourcing and consumption of energy is a global challenge. You will design vessels that surpass the latest requirements and implement revolutionary technology to lower emissions while providing maximum efficiency and operability to the vessel’s operator. We are a respected supplier of innovative equipment and complex integrated solutions for the offshore renewables, and oil and gas sectors. #flex-lay vessels #reel-lay vessels #offshore support vessels #diving support vessels #cable-lay vessels #heavy lift vessels #offshore wind

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