Cutter dredging

IHC designs and builds a variety of standardised and custom-built cutter suction dredgers (CSD). These are capable of dredging compacted soil types and materials, such as clay and rock. High accuracy and a continuous rate of production ensure that IHC’s cutter suction dredges are ideal for many dredging jobs, such as land reclamation and the construction of new harbour basins and canals.

IHC designs, engineers and manufactures all of the major dredge equipment on CSDs. This is hugely beneficial to the customer, who receives a unique package of integrated dredging solutions.

The slurry processing part of a CSD’s dredging system typically consists of cutter excavation equipment, for the soil excavation and creation of slurry, dredging pumps for hydraulic transportation and dredge line components that connect the complete system. The dredging system is all connected, controlled and monitored by IHC’s advanced automation systems.